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The Big Question:
Do I need a website and what should it include?

As a landscaping business, referrals and word of mouth are vital for generating leads. Yet, if you want to attract wealthier customers and more leads, having a great website is a must.

Consider this: Would a client with a +$500k or +$1M project choose to work with a landscaper without a website? Unlikely. They want assurance that you can handle the job, and your website is their first point of evaluation.

So what should your website include? Here are a few things:

  1. Clear and concise call to action (CTA)
  2. Many contact options
  3. Mobile-friendly call button
  4. Reviews and testimonials
  5. Previous projects or case studies

So if you incorporate these elements into a beautifully designed website. Then you will position yourself to attract wealthier clients and secure bigger projects.

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Establishing Credibility and Trust
With A Website

Web design portfolio project Cataraqui Landscaping

Cataraqui Landscaping Website Design and Build

Cataraqui Landscaping is a landscaping business in Kingston, Ontario. Before this project, they didn’t have a website and were looking for someone to design and build a website for their business.

After reviewing the project we decide that a WordPress website would be the best solution for Cataraqui Landscaping’s new home online.

The Goal

The goal is to create a simple website that is not too complex and that has the basics, who they are, what they do, and how to get a hold of them. There is nothing that makes them stand out from the rest other than great reviews.

They wanted some reviews and testimonials on the website with previous projects that they have completed. They also wanted links to their FB page and Instagram. The FB page is the most predominant source to get material online. They didn’t want to push traffic to the Instagram page until the website was complete with more info. They also wanted to look more professional, especially before generating traffic.

The Result

With this being a relatively new landscaping business with not so many services we felt that a multi-page website would be overkill. A slick one-page website would be enough at this stage of the business’s development to promote the services and the quality they offer. More pages can be added once the business grows and they offer a wider range of services. 

Since the website’s main goal was to look more professional by showing who they are, what they do, and how to contact them, a section was created for each of those parts. A hero section, about us, services, what makes them stand out, a portfolio section with previous projects, reviews, a contact form and links to their social media in both the header and footer.

The business owner also mentioned that there is a common problem in the area with other landscaping businesses not showing up when they are supposed to and sometimes not even showing up at all, hence the section about what makes them stand out was added. This section highlights that they offer dependable services and have a process for scheduling visits with clients. These claims are then later supported with reviews.

Lastly, they didn’t have a real system for when clients reach out to them. After all, a lot of the requests for quotes came from their Facebook page. So we built them a contact form and a system to manage those quotes. This system was also connected to their email so they would get an email every time someone filled out their contact form on the website.

This Is What the Owner Had to Say

Gabriel was incredible! He was thorough when planning the website, attentive and detailed on my business needs and was able to create a visually stunning site that included customer facing details and clearly expressed who I was, what I offer and how to get ahold of me.
Tim O'Hara
Owner of Cataraqui Landscaping


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Frequently Asked Questions

All websites are different and require different components that are based on your needs and goals. Our smallest package starts at $3756 to $8452 for our biggest package. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

We aim to finish the website in 10-12 weeks. But this is heavily dependent on the project size, responsiveness of the client, clarity of the vision, etc. All this affects the speed of completion. If you need your website to be ready by a certain stage then let us know in the initial call so we can include your timing in the project proposal.

The needs and requirements for each project are different but in general we ask for:

  • Any images you want on your website
  • Logo
  • Content for the pages
  • Hosting and domain login details

We understand that you are busy however your input is required. We will ask you questions to understand your business better but at the end of the day your are the expert.

This is your website that reflects your business so we need your vision to get the best possible outcome. 


You are 100% the owner! And you will be able to edit the website after completion.

No, You will be responsible for the hosting and domain. However, we are happy to give you some guidance and advice about what we think is best for you. We will also help you with the migration of your new website to your hosting.

Typically yes, because:

  • It’s a great content management system that powers about 40% of all websites
  • It’s better than any other systems for SEO
  • It’s lightweight and easy
  • Allows for easy backend management

For the Accelerator package we will do 3 months of SEO but the other services do not include monthly SEO. If you are looking at the Basic or Growth packages and are interested in SEO, the starting investment is $1500/month. 

Billing is divided into two parts:

  1. Pay 50% before we start the work on your website
  2. 2. Pay the other 50% when the website is ready to launch

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