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About The Founder of Arepto Gabriel Lindh

Arepto is a Swedish-American web design and SEO company. The aim is to provide you, the client, with as much value as possible. Good relationships, communication, and transparency are fundamental to deliver a good service to you. We listen to you and then act on your needs to provide you with great web design and SEO services.

Gabriel Lindh, the CEO, and founder of Arepto is a former pilot turned web designer and SEO expert. Gabriel worked for a major European airline for 3 years. Eventually, he decided that business and entrepreneurship were more important. From that point on Gabriel taught himself SEO, web design, and everything else needed to rank first in search results. But, he realized that business owners don’t care that much about the technical aspects. They care about the actual problems that SEO and web design will solve. Thus, with this new knowledge, Gabriel changed to a problem-solving approach. As a result, this proved to be very beneficial for both Arepto and its clients.

Now he is working on expanding his global web design and SEO company. Working with local and international clients from across the world. Arepto has a strong focus on customer needs to ensure you receive a great service. So schedule a call with the contact form below. And get a customer-oriented solution to your biggest problems. Gabriel and Arepto want to provide you with results-driven web design and SEO.


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