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Gabriel from Arepto and his girlfriend

Yep, that’s me…. And my girlfriend. We are enjoying a sunny day in Palma de Mallorca. It’s like we’re straight out of a postcard. I met her way back in 2021. Which is around the same time I started this fancy business and website you’re on right now.

You see, I’ve always had this big dream of running my own business. But not just any business, oh no! I wanted to be the kind of boss who helps people and solves problems. The only teeny tiny problem was that I didn’t know the first thing about running a business. 

Or getting people to trust me.

Let me tell you, the beginning was as tough as trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded while riding a unicycle. Yup, it was frustratingly difficult, like trying to eat spaghetti with chopsticks. You get the picture, right?


Despite all the hair-pulling challenges, starting this business has been the bee’s knees! It’s been the most rewarding and brain-tingling adventure I’ve ever embarked on. And for all you fellow business owners out there, I know you feel me!

So why did I end up helping landscaping and construction businesses with their fancy web design and marketing? Well, it just happened naturally. Like when you try to pour milk into a glass and it magically finds its way. I wanted to help as many people as possible and bam, this is where life steered me.

Oh, did I mention I also fly airplanes? Yep, I used to be a super cool commercial airline pilot.

Flying thousands of passengers to different places. And let me tell you, surfing the clouds is like the ultimate roller coaster ride…… 

But with fluffy white cushions!☁️✈️

Anyway, that’s a little peek into my world. If you’ve got any questions, don’t be shy. Shoot ’em my way, and I’ll be happy to give you answers, even if they’re not about business. Pinky promise! 😉


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