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What is Online Visibility and 5 Tips to Increase It

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Today, maintaining an online presence is the most effective way to promote your brand. Online visibility enables individuals to connect their brands to customers. It allows people to give updates and information about their products and services. Besides, online presence enables business owners to engage directly with their audience.

However, maintaining online visibility is not an easy task. Fortunately, some ways can help you achieve a sturdy online presence. Keep reading to find out more about online visibility.

What is Online Visibility?

Online visibility is the presence of your brand, products, or services on the internet. Online visibility also enables customers to reach your site by themselves. In addition, online visibility adds value to your brand image, making your website stand out. Even though a company can have a website, it takes brilliant efforts to make it visible. Here are ways to help you improve online visibility.

Sales team having a meeting about increasing their business’s online visibility through effective advertising strategies.
Increasing your brand’s online visibility

How to Improve your Online Visibility

1. Search Engine Crawling and Indexing

Crawling is the process in which search engines discover new and updated content from the website. The discovery process is aided by web crawlers or spiders that follow links on the web pages. On the other hand, indexing is the ability of search engines to analyze, organize, as well as store a page to an index.

Why is Website Crawling Important?

For your online content to rank on a search engine, you need to be indexed. Indexing is possible if bots can crawl your site regularly. Indexing and crawling are a big part of technical SEO and is something you should put time into if you want more online visibility. Below are ways to make your site easy to crawl.

Ways of Making a Website Easy to Crawl and Index

  • Consistently add new content to your website – Web crawlers’ main aim is to find sites with new and updated content. If you regularly update content on your website, you increase the chances of a web crawler visiting the site.
  • Update original content – Avoid adding duplicate content to your website. Having content similar to other pages reduces the number of times crawlers visit your site.
  • Reduce your page loading time – The time web crawlers take to visit your site is limited. So speeding up your page load time will ensure that web crawlers visit your site on time.
  • Enhance internal links – Web crawlers follow links for movement through the website. Strengthening links facilitates the possibility of web crawlers finding your content.

Factors That Affect Crawlability and Indexing

  • Structure of the website – Structure your website in a way that you can link the content to external sources. The external link also assists web crawlers to find your page.
  • Structure of the internal links – Web crawlers move through links. Properly structured links allow web crawlers to travel quickly through the site.
  • Server errors – Broken server redirects stop web crawlers from reaching your content. Blocking web crawlers from reaching your content leads to crawlability problems.
  • Technology factors – The type of technology you use may trigger crawlability issues. For instance, JavaScript may prevent web crawlers from reaching your content.
  • Deliberately blocking web crawler access – You can restrict the content that web crawlers can access on your site.

Index Your Website With Google Search Console

A good first step to ensure your website is and can be indexed is to add it to Google Search Console. To do that simply log into GSC and add a property.

Add Google Search Console to your site to increase online visibility

Paste your homepage URL into the “Domain” field on the right. Now you need to verify your site.

There are several different ways to verify your site. The easiest ones are probably:

  • HTML file
  • CNAME or TXT record
  • HTML code snippet

Personally, I think that the CNAME or TXT record is the easiest one. After you pressed the “Continue” button you should have received a unique code. You need to enter that code as a CNAME or TXT record in the domain settings of where you bought your domain. In my case that would be Namecheap. It can take up to 72 hours until your site is verified so if it doesn’t work immediately give it some time and then try again.

Once your site is verified the next step is to index your existing or new content.

In your GSC dashboard select “URL Inspection“.

Use the URL Inspection tool to index new or old pages in Google Search Console

Enter the URL of the page you want to index and then hit request indexing.

Request Indexing with Google Search Console

Usually, Google indexes your page within a few minutes but may also take longer.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website to make it better for search engines. Optimizing your site improves its visibility when customers search for related products or services on search engines. SEO is vital because high ranking and visibility help your brand stand out from the competition.

How SEO Works

SEO also uses algorithms to analyze indexed pages and rank them in the order they will appear in search engines. When ranking pages, the algorithm considers signals such as user experience to determine the order. Content that gives the users exactly what they are searching for ranks high.

Ways of Improving SEO Rankings

  • Use appropriate keywords – Include common words that your target audiences use to search for content online throughout your content by doing keyword research. Using keywords that match searches’ intent also boosts your chances of being ranked higher.
  • Speed up your page loading time40% of website guests are likely to leave if the site loads for more than three seconds. Slow loading on your page also reduces the traffic to your site and gives you lower rankings in search results.
  • Update original and quality content – Quality content attracts guests to your website. It also increases the time guests spend on your website when they visit. The amount of time spent on your site per visit impacts your SEO ranking.
  • Optimize your website to accommodate mobile devicesMost searches on Google are done on mobile devices. So optimizing your site for mobile devices is a good way to improve user experience and SEO for your mobile users.
  • Strengthen your links – Strengthening your links enhances the credibility of your site. You can strengthen your links by repairing broken links as well as diversifying them.
  • Share on social media networks – Sharing your brand on social media is an effective way of promoting your business. Since many people have access to social media, your content will get a large audience.

3. Create and Publish Content Regularly

Content marketing, like publishing blog posts and videos, regularly helps improve online visibility and SEO rankings. Therefore, regular content updates on your site keep your audience engaged. By publishing regular content, you update your audience about your products and services.

The Benefits of Publishing Content Regularly

  • Drives traffic to your site – Whenever you create and publish content, you add an indexed page on your site. Having more indexed pages increases your online visibility, hence more traffic.
  • You can share content on social media – Any content created can be shared on social media. Creating content consistently allows you to have adequate materials on social media. Sharing on social media also allows you to reach out to a large audience.
  • It produces long-term results – Content created remains relevant for a long period. Regardless of when the content is created, it generates the same results throughout its lifetime. So instead of creating fresh content, you can update existing content.
  • Regular content helps in link building – When you create blog posts or videos you can add inbound links. The links help you rank in search engines. In addition, backlinks help you build domain authority which improves online visibility.

4. Have Active Social Media Profiles

Using different social media platforms is crucial in helping you generate buzz around your brand. It allows you to reach and engage customers easily. In fact, more customers are joining social media to search for products and services.

Importance of a Good Social Media Profile

  • Improves brand awareness – Many people use social media networks. Having a good social media network improves visibility among potential customers.
  • Some customers use your social media profile to judge your brand – A good social media profile creates a good impression among customers who are researching your brand. However, an empty page is a turn-off for some customers.
  • Communicate about brand personality – Having a good social media profile signals that you are willing to interact with customers. It also helps in forming an emotional connection with the customers.
  • Help you stay ahead of the competition – Competitors are also working out ways to improve online visibility. So having an active social media profile gives you a competitive advantage.
  • Referrals – Customers who have had a good experience with your brand may refer you to friends on social media. Having an established social media profile allows you to interact with the referrals.

How Social Media Profile Improve Online Visibility

  • Hashtags – Hashtags are used to tie your content to a topic on social media. They increase the ability of your customers to find your posts.
  • Request for followers – Ask social media users to follow your brand on the available platforms. If you have numerous, it will be easy to create visibility for your brand.
  • Interact with the followers – Create time to communicate with your followers. Good communication also fosters a good relationship with your customers.

5. Ads

You can create advertisements on different platforms. Facebook and Google are some of the most effective paid advertising platforms. In fact, many businesses are relying on FB ads and Google ads to improve brand visibility.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

  • Customizable ads and audiences – With Facebook advertising, you can target a specific audience for your ads. You can customize the audience based on age, education, location, etc. It is also possible to create an advertisement that reflects your brand.
  • Ease of setting up an advertisement – Facebook has a Business Manager tool that helps in creating an advertisement. The tool does not require much practice to start using it.
  • Fast results – Facebook has many active users. This enables Facebook advertisements to reach a large audience, hence providing fast online visibility.

Benefits of Google Ads

  • Allow you to manage advertisements Google Ads offers tools to help you manage and monitor accounts. This tool also enables you to save time.
  • Allow you to measure success – Google Ads alerts you when someone clicks your advertisement. This allows you to keep records of the success of the advertisement.
  • Target your Ads – Google Ads can create ads that target a specific group.

The Bottom Line

Online visibility is an important digital marketing strategy. Therefore, business owners need to take the necessary steps to improve online visibility. The first step is creating a great web design and optimizing your search engines. Ensure you contact Arepto today to get a reliable partner that can help you get started on the right foot. We provide the best web design and SEO services.

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