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How To Convert Visitors To Leads On Your Website?
5 Keys To A Successful Website

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So you have managed to get visitors to your website however there is still one problem. You can’t convert visitors to leads. No one is contacting you and asking for your services. There are several reasons why this might be but a good place to start might be looking at your web design. The thing with web design is that most people think it’s about how your website looks and the design it has but it goes far beyond that. The web design we are talking about is one designed to convert as many website visitors to leads as possible. In order to achieve that you have to think beyond just design and follow the 5 keys to a successful website. You have to think about what it is your target audience wants to see when they get to your website. 

The whole goal is to not just create a website that looks pretty but actually gets results and qualified leads. But what is a lead?

Simply said a lead is an individual or business that has an interest in what you’re selling. That interest is usually expressed in the form of sending an email, calling a phone number, filling out a contact form or other form fields, etc. The goal with a lead is to convert a potential customer into buying one. There are several different means of lead generation that can be used by businesses such as SEO, Facebook ads, and Google ads. Or offline strategies like print marketing, networking meet-ups, etc.

Now that you know what a lead is, how do you get them to your website or your clients’ websites? Below we have outlined a few steps you should consider when you build a website in order to convert website visitors to leads. These steps are not exhaustive and there are also other things you can do to improve your website’s average visitor to lead conversion rate. However, by following these steps you are most likely farther ahead than most of your competitors. 

A good place to start before improving your web design to convert more visitors to leads is to think about what goals you want to achieve with your website, what are the main problems, what information and feeling do you want to convey to your visitors, etc.? Think about this first before you make any changes. That way you have a plan on how to proceed and get the best results possible.

Show That This Is The Perfect Solution to The Visitor’s Specific Problem

You want visitors to know in max. 3 seconds what type of website they are on. Humans decide within just a few seconds whether they want to stay on your website or not. So you have to make it very clear immediately what it is you offer. Don’t be vague, be specific. For example, having an easy-to-read and clear heading above the fold is a great first start to showing quickly what your website is about.

Being vague might get you more traffic but visitors looking for a specific problem will leave your website. They don’t find the solution to their specific problem and therefore go somewhere else with their problem. The best way to think about this is when you search online yourself. Do you go to the generic website or do you go to the one that exactly answers your question? In almost all cases people will go to the website that exactly answers their question or solves their problem. 

When looking at the website or building it ask yourself these questions:

Who is it for exactly?

How might it benefit the visitor?

What problem does it solve?

What actions does the website builder want the visitors to take?

The goal is to make them want to stay on your site, explore it further, and take a specific action. That action depends on what your business and sales funnel is. It could be filling out a form, calling the business, starting a trial period, starting a live chat, etc. It is vital that you can answer these questions about your website visitors. Also if you know the answers to these questions, it makes the initial stages of building your website much easier.

Convert visitors to leads by showing them instantly what your website is about

For example in the image above visitors will know instantly what this website is about by looking at the heading. There is no doubt as to what service or product this website offers, it is clearly displayed in the heading. There is also a CTA to let visitors start the buying process or ask questions. Of course, the heading could be even more specific, for example with SEO for HVAC contractors. The main goal is to make it clear right away what it is you offer. That way visitors won’t have any doubt about what your website is about.

Show What Makes Your Product Or Service Better Than The Others

Other keys to a successful web design that converts website visitors to leads are showing why your product is better. What makes it more valuable and unique than the other solutions? People have a very short attention span online and might lose interest and decide to read something else. You have to cut through the noise. Get their attention or you will lose them to a competitor. 

Due to the amount of time, we spend online our attention span has greatly reduced. According to a study our attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish. The goldfish’s attention span is nine seconds while a human is now at eight after the mobile revolution. This highlights the importance of providing content that is exciting and interesting to your visitors. You don’t have to wow them as soon as they land on your website. It’s enough to just get their interest and they keep scrolling to see more.

Think of something exciting and above-average about your website or business. For example, if you’re selling backpacks, that could be that it is 5 times more durable than your competitors’. Whatever it is, make it stand out and show why you are the best in your niche. You can do this with, but not limited to, some good copywriting, images, and perhaps some videos. There are also other ways you can do this. Get creative and most importantly get your website visitors excited about your product!

Show Why It Will Work for Your Website Visitors

At this point, you have shown that you are the perfect solution to a specific problem and you are the best at solving this problem. The visitor might think this website has some bold claims and ask if all this is true. They could also be skeptical and distrustful of your claims. This is where you back it up with some proof. So all the claims that were made in the previous step need to be supported with proof. For example, if you mentioned that your backpack is the best and most durable backpack in the world. Then you have to back up that claim with proof.

That could be asking yourself questions like why is the backpack 5 times more durable? What materials or processes were used to make it durable? You could also mention case studies, other processes, etc. to remove any skepticism or fear the visitor might have. The goal of this step is to build trust and show them that they have nothing to worry about. Videos can be a great way to fulfill this criterion. Simply you use all your available resources, data, and knowledge about your product to back up your claims and build trust.

A woman showing another woman how a website will work for visitors

If you’re making a lawyer website, another example of this section of the website would be to bring out the experience and qualifications of your lawyers. What sets them apart from other lawyers? Do your lawyers have more industry knowledge? Why are your lawyers better than other ones?

I hope you understand this clearly as it will be a very important section of your website.

Show Examples Of Others Who Benefited From Your Product Or Service

Show a lot of social proof with people who had a good experience. This is for example reviews of the product or service, testimonials, logos of companies you have worked with, etc. Make sure people like them (the visitor) are displayed in the social proof. If there is proof that other people bought this product or service then the likelihood of your website’s visitors buying it too increases. Having social proof from social media is also beneficial for lead generation. For example, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can be great sources to capture leads beyond just your website.

Social proof is important when converting visitors to leads

To understand the importance of social proof, consider how you look at reviews and testimonials yourself before you purchase a product or service. The chance that you want to see some evidence of happy customers is pretty high. Different kinds of social proof obviously have different impacts. For example logos of companies don’t have the same effect as a 15 min testimonial video. The type of reviews or testimonials you need is based on the product or service you’re selling. Usually the more high ticket the item the more important it is with longer testimonial videos.

Show How They Can Buy

Make this process as easy as possible. That can be calling the business and providing their contact information and email address. For example for the backpack mentioned earlier this can be a “buy now” or “add to cart” button on the landing page. Make it obvious how this action can be taken but at the same time very simple. It depends on what type of website you have and what you want your visitors to do but I hope you understand what I mean.

The main thing to remember is to make it as simple as possible to take the desired action that you want your visitors to take. Have the CTAs in good places and multiple times across your site. One thing you can do is test how different CTAs affect your conversions. You can also test how changing the number of calls to action affects your conversions. Obviously, if you figure out something that’s working then do more of it!

Show how they can buy to convert visitors to leads

Some website visitors might not be ready to buy yet though but they are interested and want to see more or need to think about it for a while. In that case, a newsletter can be a great way to capture emails on a mailing list. Then simply use some email marketing to give them some valuable content and promote your services or products once in a while. That can be a great way to get some additional revenue from almost free marketing.

This How To Convert Visitors to Leads On Your Website

That’s it. If you applied all the 5 keys, congratulations. You should start to convert more visitors to leads and see an increase in your conversions. If you don’t then it could be that you haven’t fully understood what it is your customers want. Or you don’t solve the problem well enough for them. If that is the case then it’s back to the drawing board and trying to figure out what needs to be done. It can take some time to figure out what it is your customers want. It is not an easy task to execute these 5 keys to a successful website. So if it doesn’t work straight away don’t get discouraged. Keep trying. Eventually, if you try long enough you will figure it out!

I highly recommend you connect Google Search Console and Google Analytics to your website. That way you can see your traffic and their behavior. For example, you can see how much time they spend on each page, what the bounce rate is, etc. All this is very valuable information if you want to improve your conversions on your website. Another great tool is Semrush. It will help you understand what keywords people search for and how to improve your SEO to convert the traffic you drive to your website.

Also if you want to increase your online visibility or local search traffic we have a blog post on each. Lastly, if you need any help with your SEO in Brentwood or want us to provide you with a free SEO audit we are happy to do so.

If you have any questions on how to convert visitors to leads, let us know by sending me a message or an email!

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