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About us

Arepto is a Swedish-American web design and SEO company. We take pride in providing the best Brentwood SEO. The aim is to provide you, the client, with as much value as possible. Thus, we don’t just focus on backlinks but more importantly on generating results and value for you.

Gabriel Lindh, the CEO, and founder of Arepto is a former pilot turned web designer and SEO expert. Gabriel worked for a major European airline for 3 years. Eventually, he decided that business and entrepreneurship were more important. From that point on Gabriel taught himself SEO and everything else needed to rank first in search results. But, he realized that business owners don’t care as much about the technical aspects. They care about the actual problems that SEO will solve. Thus, with this newfound knowledge, Gabriel changed to a problem-solving approach. As a result, this proved to be very beneficial for both Arepto and his clients.

Now he is working on expanding his Brentwood SEO agency. Working with local and international clients from across the world. Arepto provides the best SEO services in Brentwood by having a strong focus on customer needs. So schedule a call and get a customer-oriented solution to your biggest problems. Gabriel and Arepto want to provide you with the best Brentwood SEO.


Technical Audit

A comprehensive technical SEO audit is conducted. This is to get a good understanding of the current situation and what SEO services you need. This means benchmarking the current rankings and performance of your competitors. Finding any weak areas on your website that need to be taken into consideration. These aspects decide how we proceed with your SEO.

Keyword Research

After the SEO audit is complete we perform the keyword research. This is the process of finding words and phrases people use on search engines. It is based on what SEO keywords you currently rank for, keywords you want to rank for, and keywords your competitors rank for. From there we develop a custom and industry-tailored marketing strategy for you.

On-page Optimization

Arepto’s SEO service in Brentwood includes a complete on-page optimization. This is where we finally start doing work on your website. We assess your site’s metadata, title tags, internal and outbound links, and more. We also do keyword optimization and content updates. This is to ensure you are compliant with the latest SEO standards.

Content Creation

To have a successful SEO campaign requires great content that focuses on user intent. That means ensuring the content is easy to read and understand. But also that it aligns with the best SEO practices. As a result, having good keyword placement and good content is also necessary. This increases the visibility of your website online.

Link Building

It is very important to build high-quality and relevant backlinks. A backlink simply is your website’s link on another website. So having backlinks from high authority pages and social media is important. That increases the authority of your website. Consequently, we follow ethical SEO standards and best practices. That ensures a successful link-building campaign.

BRENTWOOD SEO That Helps Put Eyes On Your Site And Convert Your Traffic Into Customers

In today’s competitive business environment it is important for local Brentwood businesses to have an online presence. Therefore, without that presence, small businesses are at a disadvantage to their competitors who work on their local SEO. You can read what Forbes has to say about whether SEO is right for you and the importance of it.

An SEO study showed that 85% of Google users prefer to click on organic results. 66% said they would use the search engine less if Google increased the number of ads in search results. Consequently, this shows that organic search is becoming increasingly more important. That’s why you will benefit more by focusing on ranking organically than generating traffic with ads.

This is where Brentwood search engine optimization comes into the picture. Due to Gabriel’s past experience as a pilot, he has learned to work in a very structured environment. In other words, checklists are a great way to make sure nothing is forgotten. Consequently, he implemented the way pilots use checklists in his Brentwood SEO strategy. This is to ensure the clients receive the best results possible with his marketing company. 

How Does Our Brentwood SEO Work?

The way we work is that we look at your top-ranking competitors and see what they are doing. In addition to that, we analyze each website to see how they have structured their pages. Based on those findings we know what we have to do for our clients to rank first and highlight their products and services. Subsequently, we implement those changes but better. Eventually, leads will start to roll in and traffic to your website increases. The fact is, a website with a lot of free organic traffic can be a great asset for any business. Therefore, local SEO is definitely something local website owners should consider. However, the important thing is that the traffic actually converts into paying customers. Otherwise, there isn’t much value to the SEO.

Statistics of website data for Brentwood SEO
Using code to build a website that is SEO optimized

Staying Ahead Of The Brentwood SEO Curve

Due to the fast-paced development of the SEO industry, it is important to stay ahead of the curve. The majority of searches are made on mobile, therefore, it’s more important than ever to have a responsive web design. A website that is not mobile-responsive can therefore be detrimental to any potential conversion. Google has actually confirmed that more searches are made on mobile than on desktop. As a result, Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher in search engine results. Furthermore, websites that are not mobile-friendly could see a drastic drop in rankings.

Consequently, it’s very important that websites are mobile-friendly but also intuitive and user-friendly. Conversions could as a result decrease significantly.  

Page Speed Matters

Another ranking factor to remember is the way you optimize your website. The average page takes 22 seconds to load. However, visitors decide within 3 seconds if they want to stay on your site or not. This shows there is a huge discrepancy and hence is something that needs to be addressed. As a result, people become increasingly more impatient. It also concluded that that the bounce rate increased by 32% when the load time goes from 1s to 3s. Moreover, the chance of a bounce increased by 90% if the load time increased from 1s to 5s. As a result, Arepto has made the decision to keep mobile friendliness and site speed in mind when doing SEO. We want your website to load fast!

Every Brentwood SEO Visitor Who Leaves Without Taking An Action Is A Lost Opportunity

In the world of digital marketing, many elements on your web pages work together to convert visitors to customers. We analyze more than one hundred checkpoints. As a result, that gives us a clear picture of what’s happening with your website. This is so we can help you get better rankings, generate higher-quality leads and potential customers from you target audience.

We know easy navigation, speed loading, and a pleasing layout are important. Thus, we aim to guide your visitors to respond to purposefully placed calls to action. The fact is, the better a search engine understands your website’s purpose, the greater the chance is that it will show up in relevant search results. Moreover, it used to be the case that the website that had the most keywords stuffed would rank first. This doesn’t work anymore, in fact, websites will be penalized if they do so. Over the years Google search has become smarter at detecting abusive SEO practices. Therefore, SEO is more about the search intent or answering visitors’ questions.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Better lead generation and an improved return on your investment for SEO in Brentwood
  • Engaging SEO-enriched original content
  • Improved brand awareness with Google My Business
  • Improved credibility that helps you stand out against your competitors
  • Increased high-quality traffic to your web pages
  • Measuring your success with real numbers
  • Pages designed to guide your visitors to take the action you want them to take
  • SEO that helps decrease your advertising costs
  • Your website will be working for you even when you’re not working
  • User-friendly navigation
Looking at reports for Brentwood SEO

Steps to better Brentwood SEO and more results

Here is how to get you from where you are now to better search rankings and more conversions on your website. All services are custom, based on solving your biggest problems to give you the results you want.


Once you contact us we will schedule a call with you. From there we have a friendly conversation about your business objectives and goals. We will also see how you compare to one of your competitors.


Based on the current situation of your business we will do a thorough analysis of your website. And finally, we develop a custom strategy for your business long-term to solve your biggest problems.


Start generating more traffic and conversions and get a positive return on investment. Now is the time to rank first on search engines. This year should finally get you the results you deserve!


Most frequent SEO questions and answers

 SEO is when you optimize the web page of a business to rank it higher in search engines

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of obtaining website traffic and high rankings organically.

SEO is definitely not a dying industry! However, it is evolving every year and has changed a lot. You can read more here on why SEO is so important for businesses.

At Arepto we don’t just do on-page SEO. We focus on providing you with SEO that gives you the results you want. Thus, we have 3 packages at $995/month, $1495/month and $1995/month. 

Our goal is to get you to the highest possible position in your industry. However, it should be noted that it is better to rank for the right keywords than to chase the first position.

We will conduct a 5 step process. A technical audit, keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation, and link building. Each step is more thoroughly explained at the top of this page.  

Of course, you can. If you have the time and interest anyone can learn it. A thing to keep in mind is that it can take time to see results. If you want to learn SEO you can read about local SEO.

One important thing to note here is that no one can guarantee you to rank first on search engines. Not even us.
Any SEO company that says they can guarantee you a number one position is lying. The decision is with Google. What we can guarantee you, is that we will work hard to get you the best rankings for landing pages and blog posts.

Yes! SEO is very much worth it. You can a very good ROI from SEO and is definitely something to consider!

Fill out the form below and we’ll schedule a Zoom call with you to talk more about your website and business.


All prices are in US Dollars. The difference between the packages is the amount of time we spend with each of them.


$ 995
  • Website Audit
  • Custom SEO Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Monthly Reporting


$ 1495
  • Website Audit
  • Custom SEO Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Monthly Reporting


$ 1995
  • Website Audit
  • Custom SEO Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Monthly Reporting


Please use the form below to contact us. We are excited to hear more from you, your business and how we can achieve more and better results together.

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